Thursday, March 31, 2011

2010 Wedding samples

Wedding Reportage

Wedding photography should encapsulate and preserve the essence of that one day, as experienced by the people that were there. Sounds obvious, but so much wedding photography is formulaic and recreated set pieces, even some contemporary reportage styles.

To record your wedding, our approach is simply to join your day, mingle, working with your guests - rather than barking instructions at them - and inconspicuously capture not just the key, but the fleeting, meaningful moments too. And that doesn't mean you can't have the obligatory family groups for Granny, just that it will be a less painful process and a more natural result.

You will have a documentary of your whole day, presented as a photo essay, made up of beautifully composed images in their own right.

Where your photo story begins and ends is up to you. All bookings are individual, not shoehorned into a fixed package, so we can start with the night before, and go right through to the end of the party, or just meet you at the ceremony for the main event only.

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