Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The mistake made about my body of work is that I just do one thing. Weddings, or theatre or politics. The truth is that I have the ability to shoot all those genre's of photography: including studio, press aerials, etc ...

The most difficult is weddings. To capture that special moment, the stolen glance, the squeeze of a hand or the secret smile, the tear, the kiss, and so it goes on. Difficult lighting, crowded churches, remote ceremonies are all the reasons I love this difficult medium of commercial photography with a passion.

The cost of photography, despite being digital has increased rather than become more cost effective. Decent professional digital camera cost R30 000 or more, lens are the same and more expensive. R100 000 for a 600mm F4 lens is common.

I can proudly say I am a professional wedding photography, this is a job for professionals who are tough, capable, responsible and effective.

Please look at my other work, but understand, I am a passionate wedding professional.

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